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 My Gm Application!!!! (Brokendreams)

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PostSubject: My Gm Application!!!! (Brokendreams)   Tue Jun 03, 2008 6:55 pm

1. Which country do you come from? United Kingdom
2. Which language can you speak? English
3. How old are you? 14
4. Are you good on making a website(Make account creation, This will prevent you to a directly GM) My Brother Who Is Absolutley Amazing At Computing.
5. Do you know anything about being a gm? I Know How To Transport My Self Places.
6. Do you know how to use Ascent?(How it works and the commands? If not can you get the information that's needed?) I Might Need To Double Check Some Things... Well Really All Of It. But I Read Fast And Learn Really Fast.
7. Why do you want to be a GM? To Keep The Server Going, And Help Any People Who Need Helping.
8. When can you be online? Anytime.
9. Tell us something about you. I Get A*'s In My School Work, And I'll Be In My Last Year Next Year, I Sing And I Perform Alot During The Summer.
10. The last question. Are you just going to "try out how it's to be a gm than quit?"
No, Being A Gm Is Going To Be An Amazing Experience, Also Seeing How The Other Side( Stressfull, Helpfull Side) Works And How To Keep The Server Running As Smooth As Possible. ^^
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My Gm Application!!!! (Brokendreams)
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