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PostSubject: XaDoR As GM/SMALL DEV   Fri Jun 06, 2008 2:00 am

1. What is your name? Jake Morrow
2. How old are you? 15
3. What is your timezone? eastern
4. Do you have any past GM experiences? 8 mounth xp with game master 3 years of wow
5. Why do you want to be a GM?
so i can help the community grow and get to Number 1 and help players with there problims
6. Any staff members to vouch for you?
Not that i know of most have GM on so i cant realy talk to them
7. Tell us more about yourself;
i play wow about 7-10 hours a day so im on alot and can help people with The stuff they need and i got anrix id lookup so if spell is bugged i can tech them it so they can more on and grant more Xp and stay with kas wow i know alot of GM commands and im not realy in for commands and im down to work and i barly have GM on so people can whisper me and dont got to spam the LFG chat with I need a GM/res ect. i do got vitrillo i just got the Port and Host so i will be on that alot and im not over powerd with GM powers i barly use them and i think this server can us some one to help people with out the wait and take a lot off Stress out of People Asking Dumb Noobie Questins and i can make some items on wow-v so if people say o this would be cool trinket of somthing like mounters and shit they can buy that for voter tokens or somthing like we can put good items and fun stuff in a vender make it so they cost tokens and then they can buy them for tokens witch would be mail'd to you and you can go to a donor token place witch would be at .recall port GM the island in Tarnasis and get token people and they can run around buying fun stuff and party gifts kinda or somthing like that or like a trinket to make them look Death knight or shade or something or a trinket of swift or something i think i can do alot to help this server and i will leave my WoW-V account i messed up on a few items but over all i did good i did alot of those last knight and was on my laptop so i suck at spelling couse i us a computer but im in New Mexico so i cant get on my main computer but the LINK IS
8. Do you play other games?
No i play X box online alot so ehh no lol
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