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 kai's gm app

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PostSubject: kai's gm app   Wed Jun 25, 2008 2:13 am

1. Which country do you come from? Norway
2. Which language can you speak? Norwegan, and ofc englich
3. How old are you? 15
4. Are you good on making a website(Make account creation, This will prevent you to a directly GM) no, sorry im no website gm, im like to help people IN the game
5. Do you know anything about beeing a gm? yea, i have bin gm on 2 servers, maked some events etc... etc
6. Do you know how to use Ascent?(How it works and the commands? If not can you get the information that's needed?)
yes, the server's i was gm on was ascent, and i have a gm handbok that all npc ip's spell ip's and all they
7. Why do you want to be a GM? i love to help people
8. When can you be online? that's random from day to day, but i play alot of wow, so i can be alot on
9. Tell us something about you. kind, smart and love to help people

and if u need acc name, is it kaistone
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kai's gm app
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